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emailcompFor A Limited Time We Are Offering Our Data Base Of Double Optin Business Op and Marketing Leads For An Amazing 75% Off




All of our leads are 100% double optin. This means these people have asked to receive information on work at home jobs, programs, biz ops and marketing resources by filling in forms on our websites or they are peopleĀ who have
purchased online in the last 12 months.


These are NOT Bogus FFA Leads. These are real contact address of people looking to work at home or who already work at home and are looking for resources.


You will NEVER Be Spamming Anyone!


Send your ads to these leads by importing them to your autoresponder, manually using your email client or using any email sending software.


These fresh leads are collected daily from our 5 web sites from people requesting information on working at home and will not bounce.


If any do we will replace for free.


I have good luck with them and out of every 100 we may get 3 signups.


Maybe you have better ads and will get more response than we do but they are real good ads.


We own Type International and 3 other sites that have been around 12 years plus and have a data base of 27 million members that at 1 time or another have made purchases.We get 200 new leads a day and are ready for someone else to use.


Do not waste your money on email blasters when you can blast and follow up with your own leads.


500 Double OptinĀ Email Address & Names Leads Now Just $50




We also accept payment by Moneygram or check.
Please send payment to Sonia Niedrist
1101 Unit 270 S Ellsworth RD Mesa Arizona 85208 USA